Hair extensions are more popular than ever as women are discovering the amazing difference in their appearance that a few added hairpieces can make. Many extensions are now made from genuine human hair, so they look more natural and flattering than ever before. The difficult decision for most women is whether to get clip ins or the more permanent version. There are benefits to both, but for cost and convenience it is usually better to choose a clipped in set.

The determining factor for many women is cost. It can be hundreds of dollars, or more, to have extensions applied at a salon. These pieces will last for up to a year, but often need monthly appointments to adjust them or replace any damaged strands. When the hair the extensions are attached to sheds naturally, the added hair will also drop out. This is a normal event and does not mean the hair has been damaged, but it is frustrating to see the strands in a hair brush each day.

With clip on hair extensions women can apply their own extension whenever they want to wear them. They can choose to use them every day, or they can leave them out and use them only on special occasions. Clip-on versions are the most versatile because it is possible to purchase multiple extensions and wear as many as desired. With permanent extensions people have only the option of the original amount they have chosen. More can be added with another appointment, and extensions can be removed if they are unhappy with them, but both options are expensive.

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The one concern many women have is applying their own extensions. This can be a little confusing at first, particularly with learning how to properly tease the base of the natural hair to keep them in place and layer them so they are not visible. However, most women develop a system for adding them after a few tries that makes it as fast as their normal morning styling routine.

Once people understand how to add and remove extensions and care for them properly, they will discover it is not as difficult or time consuming as they believed. The natural, full and glamorous head of hair they have after the extensions are installed will make the small effort to learn these steps an easy sacrifice.

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